When Does the TPPC Meet?

The TPPC (full Council) meets twice a year, at approximately six-month intervals, for two days.
The TPPC Executive Committee meets an additional two times a year, at approximately the mid-point between the full Council meetings. The Executive Committee seeks to meet in conjunction with other tribal environmentally-related meetings of importance, such as the National Tribal Environmental Council (NTEC) Annual Conference or the National Tribal Conference on Environmental Management (NTCEM) sponsored by OSWER (U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response).
All TPPC meetings are held at a place agreed upon by the Council, taking into consideration the need to keep the costs of travel reasonable, i.e., within the budget allowed. One annual meeting of the TPPC is held in the Washington, D.C. area, to afford the TPPC the greatest access to federal agency participation and expertise. This is particularly important given the cross-media nature of ongoing and developing programs.
The TPPC provides all necessary funding for travel for Council members and Executive Committee Members to TPPC meetings. Generally, members= flights are arranged and paid for by the TPPC Coordinator, as is their hotel lodging. Each member may need the tribe to advance to them money for ground travel and per diem (Meals and Incidentals). At the time of the Council meeting they will be given a form to fill out and send in to the Coordinator, who will then reimburse the tribe or individual for any appropriate ground travel and per diem costs. The only cost to tribes or Indian nations of participation in the TPPC is the time of their representative in attending meetings or participating in teleconference calls.