How Do Things Get Decided at the TPPC?

The TPPC generally works by consensus. It is encouraged that the TPPC engage in consensus building rather than voting, on most issues. If it appears that a consensus has been reached, the TPPC Executive Committee will see to it that the record-keeper is given a clear statement of the consensus. It is understood that consensus building cannot take place in the absence of full discussion. If consensus cannot be reached and a decision is necessary, voting of the tribal or Indian nation representative members may occur. A 2/3s majority vote will be required for a resolution to pass. To date, the taking of votes has occurred only a few times with respect to logistical matters, and not on issues of policy or substance.


The TPPC is a technical resource group, however, and not a political body.

No TPPC member is ever asked to vote the position of their tribe. TPPC Council members vote only to provide input and comment as experienced natural resources professionals. The TPPC does not lobby.